Incessant Stories We Tell

Every waking moment of our lives, we involuntarily weave stories; stories about people around us, about our context, problems / challenges and even stories about ourselves.

Stories are powerful, they influence our behaviors, actions and decisions. This in turn impacts our reality.

When we tell ourselves a positive story, our actions are affirmative and energizing, in turn leading to positive results and a virtuous cycle.

When the narrative is limiting, our actions and decisions are constrained – impacting not just us, but everyone around us!

Let’s take a situation which many managers may be facing today: following the resignation trend, several members from your team decide to move out.  You are left with skeletal staff.

When faced with a situation like this, we tell ourselves stories. Pause for a moment and reflect – what will be your story.

Here are few potential stories:

Story 1: Oh my God!  What am I going to do now with such piles of work… It’s so hopeless

Story 2: Such ungrateful bunch of folks, I did so much for them in last few years and this is how I am paid back

Story 3: I knew this is going to happen, I kept requesting my boss to build bench strength. But no one pays heed to me, so unfair!

Story 4: OK, this is a tough situation. Let me take few deep breaths and discuss potential solutions with my leadership

Story 5: Yes, this is tough! Next few months are going to be tough. But I am confident I will find a solution; things will work out. This is a temporary phase!

There can be multiple twists to these stories. Each twist will lead to different behaviors, action and impact – both long term and short term…

Time to be conscious about what stories our tiny voice incessantly tells us!!

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