Fear of Missing Out

You can opt out of a meeting, your presence is not essential, yet you join You take a day off to de-stress… but, you keep thinking about meetings you are missing.. worse still, join few meetings. You are already behind schedule on most of your deliverables, yet when a new project comes up, you raise […]

The Onerous Road to Collaboration

We continuously compete and collaborate with the same people. At work, we collaborate with people to successfully complete projects, yet compete with them for recognition, critical projects, raises and promotions.

While individual skills matter, Team Culture plays a big role in facilitating the transition, key elements are common goals, eliminating job hierarchy and recognising contribution to common goals.

It’s time for leaders to reflect, which actions of mine are nudging the team to lean towards collaboration and which are pushing them towards competition? What should we stop doing? Or continue? Or start?

This too shall pass…..

Migrants walking miles and miles to reach home, with a simple hope to live life with dignity Person dies waiting for treatment, even as the desperate family struggles to get a bed in hospital Thousands and thousands of people losing their jobs Daily wage earners not knowing where the next meal will come from Stray […]

Small, yet not so small……

Oh how I miss…. “Chatting with colleagues over a cup of coffee” “Stepping out of office for a quick walk after lunch” “Bumping into a colleague near coffee machine, catching up on what he /she is doing” “Admiring a colleague’s new jacket or her comfortable and stylish shoes” “Getting ready for work, walking into office […]

Say to whom its meant

You are unhappy with a team member who is taking undue advantage of flexi work hours. He often comes late, and leaves at normal time. He misses deliverables. You give him feedback, yet you don’t see much change in his behavior. Few days later, you express your frustration in a team meeting with 15 other […]