Epistle from Magnolia Blossom

Last month, we visited the Company Garden in Mussoorie. Walking in, we saw lines of trees covered with pink flowers. From a distance, they looked like Cherry Blossom. As we walked closer, we saw lines of trees in full bloom, covered with incredibly gorgeous pink-white flowers. Mildly fragrant, they resembled lotus buds in shape and … Continue reading Epistle from Magnolia Blossom


Sankofa – spring into future stepping on past  

Few days back, I was reading articles on culture. I came across this phrase ‘Sankofa’. It is a Ghanaian expression; it refers to a mythical bird whose feet are firmly planted forward while its head is turned backwards carrying a precious egg in her beak. It represents the old African adage, “always remember the past … Continue reading Sankofa – spring into future stepping on past  


The HOW and WHEN of Psychological Safety

Psychological safety in organizations is an oft discussed subject today. A key element of psychological safety is the ability to freely share a contrarian thought or idea; disagree with our co-workers, manager, or seniors. To build a psychologically safe workplace, we expect our co-workers and seniors to be open, not wedded to their ideas and … Continue reading The HOW and WHEN of Psychological Safety


Three questions to leverage the most from an experience

An experience – be it professional or personal – is a strong conduit to individual growth. We all go through experiences like assignments, new projects, leading or being part of a cross-functional team, or even a difficult conversation or negotiation. Irrespective of its outcome, every experience adds to our capability. An honest reflection on three … Continue reading Three questions to leverage the most from an experience


Incessant Stories We Tell

Every waking moment of our lives, we involuntarily weave stories; stories about people around us, about our context, problems / challenges and even stories about ourselves. Stories are powerful, they influence our behaviors, actions and decisions. This in turn impacts our reality. When we tell ourselves a positive story, our actions are affirmative and energizing, … Continue reading Incessant Stories We Tell


Learning to Learn 

Internet has truly democratized information. In today’s world of information overload, what differentiates individuals, teams and organizations is the ability to learn, the willingness to learn to learn. Four interconnected aspects that make a difference are: • Am I CURIOUS to understand things that I don’t know, or never knew existed? • Do I OBSERVE others in action, be leaders or co-workers (or even children, family, friends)? • How do I APPLY it to my context –what works, doesn’t work, why so? • Do I have the courage to engage in honest SELF-REFLECTION?


Disengaged, yet hanging on!

I remember having lunch with a gentleman few months back. It was our first meeting.  After a round of pleasantries, our conversation turned towards his work which quickly became a downpour of grievances – how he had slogged for more than a decade in the organization, but never got recognition, how his career stagnated, how … Continue reading Disengaged, yet hanging on!

Judgemental – A Natural Wiring?

Being non-judgemental is the foundation of many organization culture elements: inclusion, collaboration and empathy to name a few. It’s about accepting people for who they are, understanding their perspective, respecting their views and opinions I have been on this learning path for some time now. I was proud of the progress I made; I thought … Continue reading Judgemental – A Natural Wiring?

Consequences of Underdog Mindset

We know the story by heart. Running fast along the path, the hare laughs at the tortoise slowly laboring along. Humiliated, the tortoise challenges the hare to join a race. Slowly and steadily, the tortoise reaches the finishing line, even as the hare clumsily runs after a short nap, which unfortunately had turned into a … Continue reading Consequences of Underdog Mindset