Enable Employees Learn to Learn

Couple of days back, I overheard a conversation between an HR partner and an employee, “You have been nominated for this program, its next month, please attend.” When the employee regretted, HR persuaded, “Hey, you should feel privileged, its only by invitation and you have been handpicked by your leader.” The employee’s response is anybody’s […]

Memoirs from African Savannah – Part 2

Samburu Calling: Day 2 There’s absolutely nothing more wonderful than waking up to a beautiful morning in the woods. The sky was painted with hues of orange. The sun was peeping behind the trees. The muddy waters of the river had taken a smooth silvery tint in the morning light. The air was filled with […]

Life is a highway

Life is like a highway. Irrespective of how fast we run, there always be people ahead of us. Irrespective of how slow we run, there always be people behind us. It’s pointless competing with others on a highway Compete we must, but with self, not others!