Why 4 days workweek is not for India?

“Why aren’t organizations in India progressive like Europe? Companies in Europe are moving towards 4-day workweek. Look at us, we want to go back to 6-day workweek. 50 hours’ week is common in India! Why can’t we learn from Europe?” Employees in India often complain about longer work hours and higher work days. While we … Continue reading Why 4 days workweek is not for India?

The Onerous Road to Collaboration

We continuously compete and collaborate with the same people. At work, we collaborate with people to successfully complete projects, yet compete with them for recognition, critical projects, raises and promotions. While individual skills matter, Team Culture plays a big role in facilitating the transition, key elements are common goals, eliminating job hierarchy and recognising contribution to common goals. It's time for leaders to reflect, which actions of mine are nudging the team to lean towards collaboration and which are pushing them towards competition? What should we stop doing? Or continue? Or start?