Epistle from Magnolia Blossom

Last month, we visited the Company Garden in Mussoorie. Walking in, we saw lines of trees covered with pink flowers. From a distance, they looked like Cherry Blossom. As we walked closer, we saw lines of trees in full bloom, covered with incredibly gorgeous pink-white flowers. Mildly fragrant, they resembled lotus buds in shape and … Continue reading Epistle from Magnolia Blossom


Sankofa – spring into future stepping on past  

Few days back, I was reading articles on culture. I came across this phrase ‘Sankofa’. It is a Ghanaian expression; it refers to a mythical bird whose feet are firmly planted forward while its head is turned backwards carrying a precious egg in her beak. It represents the old African adage, “always remember the past … Continue reading Sankofa – spring into future stepping on past  

Learning or Performing Mode

“Are you in learning mode or performing mode?” I recollect our master facilitator call out every time we began a practice session. We had to say aloud, “I am in learning mode” Initially, I wondered about the difference it would make. Gradually, it became obvious; while in learning mode, we were willing to experiment and … Continue reading Learning or Performing Mode


Three questions to leverage the most from an experience

An experience – be it professional or personal – is a strong conduit to individual growth. We all go through experiences like assignments, new projects, leading or being part of a cross-functional team, or even a difficult conversation or negotiation. Irrespective of its outcome, every experience adds to our capability. An honest reflection on three … Continue reading Three questions to leverage the most from an experience