Paradox of Continuous Learning  

World around us is changing fast. The only way to excel, or may be even survive in times like this, is to continuously learn.

When I reflect on times when I stopped or paused my learning, I observe two common themes:

  • I thought I know a lot about the subject
  • Or I got disheartened that it’s too tough and is beyond me

Thus, here’s the paradox of continuous of learning (adapting from Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline)

Here’s an example from my haiku writing journey. I started learning Haiku, the Japanese form of micro poetry, during COVID lockdown. It was an amazing way to do something creative when stuck at home.

As a I started the journey, I found (rather thought) that its very simple and wrote several haiku – which I later got to know were not haiku at all. I was ignorant, I thought I was good, but what I was writing was free text.

The first step for me in learning haiku was accepting that ‘I do not know and I am not good at writing haiku’.

Then came the stage where I found it very tough. I never seemed to get the words write or the difference between fragment and phrase (two essential parts of a haiku).

After reading for several months and learning from couple of haiku teachers, I gradually developed the confidence that I can learn.

I stayed on my continuous learning journey when I straddled this paradox!

Do you connect with it? Would love to hear your learning journey.

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