Life is akin to a road….

Learning 1

Irrespective of how fast we drive, there will be people ahead of us. Irrespective of how slow we drive, there will be people behind us.

It’s pointless competing with others on a road! Compete we must, but with self, not others!

Learning 2

There are stretches of road that are smooth, like carpeted floor. And stretches that are full of potholes. Stretches that are well-lit, and ones that are dark and lonely. Neither last forever…

Happiness and difficulties are part of life. Key is to stay humble when riding through the smooth patches and muster courage & resilience when faced with seemingly unending rough patch.

Learning 3

Roads are interconnections; between man, machine and systems. If one element falters, everything gets impacted. Think of a time when a traffic light stopped worked (during rush hours??) And the chaos it created.

In life we tend to believe we are independent; our belief that we can control things around us. Independence is myth. We live in  web of deeply interdependent connections. The sooner we recognize the dependencies, the faster we break our illusions!

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