The Push and Pull of Resignation

Employee resignations are usually not a spur of the moment decision. They are a result of complex interplay between PUSH from the current organization and PULL from external world. Here’s a list of PULL and PUSH questions that came up in honest conversations with employees Push – My current status:1.   Am I enjoying my work?2.   Am I learning and … Continue reading The Push and Pull of Resignation


Three questions to leverage the most from an experience

An experience – be it professional or personal – is a strong conduit to individual growth. We all go through experiences like assignments, new projects, leading or being part of a cross-functional team, or even a difficult conversation or negotiation. Irrespective of its outcome, every experience adds to our capability. An honest reflection on three … Continue reading Three questions to leverage the most from an experience


Incessant Stories We Tell

Every waking moment of our lives, we involuntarily weave stories; stories about people around us, about our context, problems / challenges and even stories about ourselves. Stories are powerful, they influence our behaviors, actions and decisions. This in turn impacts our reality. When we tell ourselves a positive story, our actions are affirmative and energizing, … Continue reading Incessant Stories We Tell