Forest bathing – the elixir to wellbeing

Last week I was in Bandhavgarh National Forest Reserve.. seeking few days of tranquillity and indulging in forest bathing – the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku or taking in the forest atmosphere… the elixir for psychological and physiological well-being.

Fortunately, my cellphone was useless without signal or internet connection…it gave space for nature to enter through five senses.

  • Listening to variety of birds chirping through the day and unknown insects buzzing in the night.
  • Feeling the breeze rustling through the leaves and bamboo shoots, touching tree trunks and feeling the bark – some soft, some hard.
  • Looking at different shades of green, varied colors of grass: white and even rose hues
  • Smell the fragrance of the forest, wild basil coming as a surprise
  • Taste the freshness of crisp air

As I return to the concrete jungle of Mumbai, I wonder if forest bathing can be introduced as a wellbeing offering to corporates. Will it’s value be appreciated, understood and accepted?

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