What are our strangler vines?

Learning from my recent visit to forest continues….

Here’s the picture of a tree enveloped by a strangler vine. A strangler vine, while starting as small plant in the beginning, quickly envelops large trees, sucks up the nutrients and eventually causes the death of the host tree.

I have seen several strangler vines and trees in various stages of dying in my past visits. This time as I passed these trees, my mind wandered….

“Is anything strangling me – stopping me from achieving my potential, what I can do? Am destined to do?”

  • Is it my fear? Anxieties? Worries?
  • What’s their source?
  • Is there a way to nip them in the bud before they start engulfing me?

I realized that we could extend this to teams, functions and even organizations….

“A small behavior or mindset has the potential to become a strangler vine, destroying the culture and eventually bringing the downfall”

Unlike forests, many of the strangler vines are within us – be it at personal, team or organizational level.

How open are we to identify the strangler vines and have the courage to nip them in the bud!

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