Gratitude and Disappointment

Something in office today left me feeling disappointed. I pushed through rest of the day and left office feeling dejected!

On my way back home, I got a call from an ex-colleague..He has always been a strong performer. However the last year or so had been tough for him. The company he was working for had not paid salary for four months! He had children’s school fees to pay and EMIs to honor. He was worried that the company may lay-off several people shortly, he could be one of them. He was frantically looking for a job!

I spoke to him, assured him to do what best I could.

His call had an unintended consequence – I felt grateful for what I had at home and at work, for the good things God had showered on me. This feeling of gratitude had a healing effect on my disappointment. It enabled me to look at possibilities in near and distant future. I initiated a couple of actions that I have been procrastinating for months now.

Indeed, gratitude has the power to transform disappointment into lessons learned, discoveries made, alternatives explored and new plans set in motion.

– Oscar Auliq Ice

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