6 Ballygunge, Down the culinary memory lane

6 Ballygunge, restaurant serving authentic Bengali food, was recommended by several friends and my husband. I was in Kolkata for a day, couldn’t resist the temptation to stop by.

The decor is unique, the chairs and some walls of the old kolkata house are adorned with paintings of Bengali men and women. Some walls have nice terracotta paintings. The chandeliers also gave a different feel.

Tagore music (instrumental) with songs like aaguner poroshmoni, akash bhora surjo tara amplified the Bengali feel.

Staff were friendly.

Most importantly, food was great, not oily and spicy..absolutely home like. Reminded of the delicacies cooked by maa (my MIL) and mami sasuri. Had mochar ghonto (banana flower curry), mosoor dal, posto bora (poppy seed fritters), rice and nolen gurer (fresh jaggery flavored) ice cream

The portions were huge, could barely finish 1/4. All for less than Rs 800!!

There were several fish, chicken and mutton options..which a niramish (vegetarian) like me couldn’t enjoy..i remained the bechara (every vegetarian is a poor soul in West Bengal, someone who is missing out all pleasures of life)

There were several tempting veggie options..these are the times I wish I could become a camel. Eat all the goodies one day, and then skip meals for a fortnight.

Size is the only disadvantage of this restaurant, it’s a bit cramped..Indians can beat anyone in decibels!! Being an early bird, I enjoyed a quiet dinner. Towards the end, restaurant started to get noisy..drowning Tagore music with screams like…ki ‘re bachuchu..ki khabi😣

#6 Ballygunge surely lived up to its reputation. A must visit in Kolkata!!

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