Mistakes: A Threat or An Opportunity?

Effectiveness and sustained performance of a team pivots on one critical element. The way mistakes are dealt with in the team.

Say, you are working on a critical project, and you make a mistake.

Or you sense a potential problem that might negatively impact the project. Three critical questions:

  • Will you share it with the team and the project leader?
  • What is the likely response from others?
  • What will other members do when faced with similar situation?

Response to these three questions determines the TRUST in the team and its overall effectiveness.

When genuine mistakes are accepted without looking for a scapegoat or blame games:

  • Members freely share their mistakes
  • The team solves problems proactively
  • And tends to stay ahead of the curve….

So, as leaders and members of different teams, time to reflect our approach to mistakes…

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