Judgemental – A Natural Wiring?

Being non-judgemental is the foundation of many organization culture elements: inclusion, collaboration and empathy to name a few. It’s about accepting people for who they are, understanding their perspective, respecting their views and opinions I have been on this learning path for some time now. I was proud of the progress I made; I thought … Continue reading Judgemental – A Natural Wiring?

The 12 hours in Terminal 2

17 -18 Jan 2023 – the 12 hours spent in Terminal 2 Mumbai – will remain etched in my memory. 28 ABGites were set to fly to Colombo for annual Planning and Budgeting meeting. Weeks of thinking, brainstorming, and planning were about to culminate into even richer conversations and final plans for FY’24. The excitement … Continue reading The 12 hours in Terminal 2