A moment lost is gone forever!

Today is my father’s 25 death anniversary.
He passed away alone with no one holding his hand as he made his final journey; despite living with his whole family in a 700 sq ft 2-BHK flat, despite we being fully aware that his soul is ready to leave the cancer devoured body any moment!
He even called us a couple of times.. yet, we let it happen.
We knew he would go, but we didn’t expect it to be that day, that hour, that moment!
Each one of us in the family was occupied doing something very important at that very moment. I can talk for myself; I was busy getting ready for work. I thought, I will go to him after I brush my hair… but in those few moments he left!
I will regret this till my last breath, but it changes nothing.
I wasn’t with him when he took his last breath. For my dear father, who was there for me every waking moment of his life. I wasn’t with him when he called me the very last time!
I feel a tiny drop rolling down my cheek… No amount of tears will ever bring back that moment
Lost in larger game of life, how quickly we forget the treasure that each moment is. A treasure that is lost forever in a moment..
A moment gone, an opportunity gone, never to come back again!
Right action, however tiny, at the right time… every moment, can we attempt to live this way??

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