The Push and Pull of Resignation

Employee resignations are usually not a spur of the moment decision. They are a result of complex interplay between PUSH from the current organization and PULL from external world.
Here’s a list of PULL and PUSH questions that came up in honest conversations with employees
Push – My current status:
1.   Am I enjoying my work?
2.   Am I learning and growing?
3.   Do I feel valued?
Pull – Opportunities outside
1.   Is it a new experience?
2.  Is it a bigger responsibility?
3.  Am I likely to fit well in the culture?  

When Response to questions in PUSH are NO and Response to questions in PULL are YES, resignation becomes inevitable!
Interestingly, compensation is rarely present in top considerations. It’s important, but other aspects play a bigger role.
As managers, we may not be able control the external PULL. We can surely focus on PUSH and eliminate or at least minimize it. That’s in our area of influence!

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