Manager who always pushes the envelop

Suppose you have an option to choose your manager, agreed it’s not a choice we usually get, but let’s say you do. Who would you like to work with?

Manager A: who continuously pushes the envelope: getting you to think more, do more, experiment more, someone who is almost impossible satisfy. OR

Manager B: who acknowledges your work, suggests modifications, but doesn’t turn it upside down

Think for a moment, how would it feel working for Manager A? Like an endless treadmill, nothing seem to be OK for him / her. You take something, and then rework, at times come back to scratch and take another approach. And then build on…

If you have gone through this loop, you would easily recognize the associated emotions: frustration, anger, irritation..

Compare this with working for Manager B. You put in your best efforts, discuss your work with him / her. Few suggestions, modifications, ideas are shared, post that you can quickly close the work and move on… Imagine the sense of completion and acknowledgement, very fulfilling right?

Many of us have worked with both types of managers, so have I.

Now back to the question: Who would you choose to work with?  Manager A or B?

Working with manager B is easy and satisfying.

However, I would choose Manager A

A manager who continuously pushes the envelope enables the team members to learn, experiment, and do the very best, even surpassing their own expectations. They truly unleash the hidden potential.    

Agreed, working with such managers is not easy, can be truly frustrating… how about calling it the ‘cost of learning’ or the ‘cost of becoming a better professional’

Maybe, it’s worth all the associated pain!

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