The Right Telescope

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Before telescope was invented, we could not see millions of stars in the cosmos. In fact, we were completely ignorant of their existence. The stars were always there! We did not have the lens to see them, till Hans Lippershey from Netherlands invented telescope in 1608. Or till Galileo turned his self-designed telescope towards the heaven.

Just like telescope, we need the right lens to see aspects that are otherwise invisible or considered non-existent in our surroundings or people around us.

Several years ago, I lamented to my boss… “Oh! wish I could write like you, it’s so tough, how do you express yourself so well”. He said, “Have you tried writing, expressing yourself? How do you know if you have never tried?”

He encouraged me to give it a shot. He proofread some of initial drafts. He assured me that I am on the right path, I gradually gained confidence and started writing more. He saw the potential in me by using the right lens, the lens of possibility!

The question for us to ponder is what lens are we using when looking at ourselves, our teams, or the situation we are dealing with.

Are we using the right telescope?  Is it the telescope of possibilities or constraints?

The telescope that we use will likely decide the stars we see or don’t see!

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