Go beyond the obvious

conflictEarly morning scene at airport security check:

“I travel every week; no one has ever stopped me”; screams the agitated passenger.

“I have been working for years, I know my job”; says the CISF person sternly.

Argument continues! The passenger gets angrier with every passing second; he refuses to budge. This goes on, much to the chagrin of the passengers standing in a long queue behind.

Conflicts are a commonplace – it’s easier to get into a conflict, than refrain from one!

Many a times, conflicts arise from our inability to go beyond the overt behavior of the other person and look at their intention. Consider the CISF person in this case – with Republic Day round the corner, the security has been beefed up. He is not doing it to trouble the passengers, he is doing it for passenger safety.

The moment we go beyond the actions and look at the intention, it’s easier to see the other person’s perspective. It reduces the worst distance between two people – misunderstanding! Thereby the chances of conflict!

Question is, how often do we consciously go beyond the obvious and try to understand the other person’s intention? I have failed several times. It’s not easy, one has to make efforts to go beyond the obvious and look at the intentions.



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