Go beyond the obvious

Early morning scene at airport security check: “I travel every week; no one has ever stopped me”; screams the agitated passenger. “I have been working for years, I know my job”; says the CISF person sternly. Argument continues! The passenger gets angrier with every passing second; he refuses to budge. This goes on, much to […]

Relationships and their Ecosystem

Ecosystem for relationship is like soil for a plant. It can nourish the plant with its rich nutrients or kill it with its toxic contents. Similarly, the ecosystem can enable a relationship to deepen or turn it superficial or toxic. Last couple of weeks I was lucky to have met several old friends, ex-colleagues and […]

Building Trust at Workplace – An Arduous Journey?

Trust is fundamental to any strong relationship, be it personal or professional. Behavioral scientists and leadership gurus have all highlighted the importance of TRUST between leader and his / her employees for effective leadership. How easy is it to build trusting relationships at workplace? Is it possible? My answer is a resounding YES. I have […]