My love hate relationship with Indigo Airlines

Indigo airlinesI wrote this a couple of days back while flying Indigo. Even as I appreciate several things, I continue to wish few things were different.

What I love?
1. Smooth ride and landing even in turbulent weather.  I am impressed by the way Indigo pilots land the flights despite strong winds and heavy downpour in monsoon. I genuinely feel safe flying Indigo.

2. Respectful staff unlike few other airlines staff where you are made to feel as though a favor is being doled out.

3. Descent food –  menu is refreshed, again unlike other airlines that haven’t changed the menu for years…(let’s not talk about taste as airlines food and taste don’t coexist).

4. Committed staff who really care  for the company they work for; taking care of small details, working with singular focus on outcomes.

What I wish was different?
1. Low cost is a misnomer – It costs same or even more than other airlines, not including the extras passenger has to pay for (Thank God water and air are not charged).

2. On time is an illusion – while the early, mid-morning and afternoon flights are on time, the late evening flights are as much susceptible to delays as any other airlines.

3. Customer loyalty – what’s that? While announcements are made about flying millions of passengers, there is no acknowledgement of customers who made it happen. I would have taken 150+ Indigo flights in last couple of years…But every time I fly, I might as well be flying for first time.

Small things that probably cost next to nothing, can be offered to make the customers feel special….But why bother?

Kudos to Indigo for running profitable business!! Is it time to look at few other elements as well to stay ahead in the race for years to come?

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