Epistle from Magnolia Blossom

Last month, we visited the Company Garden in Mussoorie. Walking in, we saw lines of trees covered with pink flowers. From a distance, they looked like Cherry Blossom.

As we walked closer, we saw lines of trees in full bloom, covered with incredibly gorgeous pink-white flowers. Mildly fragrant, they resembled lotus buds in shape and color. I was mesmerized by the beauty of these unknown flowers. I got its name from a gardener – Magnolia Blossoms. 

I spent quite some time, absorbing the ephemeral beauty – the gardener had said, “you are lucky madam, they bloom for just 2-3 weeks in a year”

Getting into the car, I read more about them. Indeed, Magnolia Blossoms bloom only once a year, that too provided the trees are well nurtured – right weather, nutrients, soil, sunlight etc.

I was struck by the contrast in our lives and expectations we have today: instant gratification! We live in times when same day delivery of orders is considered too long, competition ever striving to reduce it – going up to 10 mins!

In a world that puts speed over everything, guess Magnolia Blossom in these 2-3 weeks conveys a poignant message:

  • The joy of nurturing
  • Value of patience
  • The truth of impermanence and
  • The treasure called NOW

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