Consequences of Underdog Mindset

We know the story by heart. Running fast along the path, the hare laughs at the tortoise slowly laboring along. Humiliated, the tortoise challenges the hare to join a race. Slowly and steadily, the tortoise reaches the finishing line, even as the hare clumsily runs after a short nap, which unfortunately had turned into a long one!!

Moral of the story: Slow and steady wins the race. The moral captures the behavior, it misses the mindset – the mindset of an underdog!

Tortoise was operating from the mindset of an underdog. It had nothing to lose, and everything to win…..

When operating from an underdog mindset,

  • Our motto becomes ‘Never give up’. When we fall, we get up, dust ourselves and start to walk or run again. Even as the cycle of run-fall-rise-learn-run become unending, underdogs focus not on the falls, but on the learning from the failures. Thus, getting smarter and better along the way
  • Away from the limelight, we have an opportunity to observe others around us – learn from their success and their mistakes and constantly improve and develop ourselves
  • Finally, as an underdog, we set our own metrics and challenge ourselves, competing with ourselves rather than with others. We set our own benchmarks

Question remains:

  • How comfortable are we to to be an underdog – as an individual, team or organization?
  • Do we recognize the situations when adopting underdog mindset it the best one.

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