Carpe Diem!

Last week I had taken a short break for Christmas in a lovely resort in Kolkata. One morning, sitting in a comfy lounge chair under warm morning sun, I was reading Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah (a gripping tale set in the background of 900-days siege of Leningrad during World War II).

Suddenly out of nowhere, I started thinking about the work I had to complete, the list of SOS tasks! In just few seconds, my peace moved into anxiety, worry….

How often do we experience this?

  • As we drink our morning coffee, we think about what to wear for work.
  • As we eat our breakfast, our mind runs through the meetings / key actions for the day
  • As we sit through the meetings, we think about what to prepare for dinner
  • As we prepare the dinner, we make mental notes on what to delegate to whom
  • While at work, we think about upcoming holiday …. And while on the vacation, we think about work!

We find it so hard to be present in the moment as our body is either in the future or worrying about the past.

As we wrap 2022 and step into 2023, I would like to focus my energies into the ‘present moment’!  

Here’s to capre diem in 2023!

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