Saying NO

World is full of opportunities – opportunities for exposure, growth, new areas of work, learning, relaxation….

When faced with so many choices, our natural tendency is to grab as many as possible!

Right from our childhood, we have learnt never to miss an opportunity, who knows, we may never get it again.

We take up more projects, sign up for more courses, join professional bodies, agree to lead one more project.… all with a deep desire to learn, grow and become better..

There is only one challenge – we have finite time and energy.

We end up doing thousand different things, progressing a wee bit in each one of them. And wonder how we ended up on this ever-moving treadmill?

Instead of spreading thin by grabbing every single opportunity, we have another option – one that is oft ignored.

To carefully chose what we pick – say YES to opportunities that are aligned to our long-term goals, our dreams, our purpose, what we enjoy and most importantly ones that are going to make an impact!

And say No to all other opportunities!

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