Discipline is not boring

I was chatting over lunch with few colleagues on a Friday afternoon. And the conversation naturally turned towards weekend plans. Few talked about going for late night movie, waking up late on Sunday, having brunch and just lazing around. When I said that I wake up at 5 am even on a Sunday and continue […]

3 simple ways to build trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. Without trust, a relationship will eventually dissolve. I tried hard to think of a genuine relationship that sustained, despite lack of trust. I couldn’t find one, at least not in my life.  Imagine staying married to man (or woman) whom you don’t trust? Hard, isn’t it! Clients buy […]

Resist your temptation to speak

How often have you found yourself sitting in a conference room or a meeting with only one thought crossing your mind, “God, when will he (the speaker) stop talking.” How often have you heard the speaker ask and answer the question himself? How often have you heard the speaker elaborately explain something with a deluge […]

The Dangers of Generalization

Generalization is fairly common in our lives. It happens at multiple levels – country, state, race creed and even at individual level (based on life style, style of dressing, age etc.). There are reasons for generalization. Needless to say, some generalization helps us, especially in terms of getting a broad understanding of a culture or […]