Personal productivity – Complex interplay of individual and org culture

Few weeks back, I came down with food poisoning. I was not ill enough to stay in bed, so I decided to go to work. At the end of the day, I was surprised at how little work I could get done. Productivity as a concept has its roots in economy; it is the ratio … Continue reading Personal productivity – Complex interplay of individual and org culture

The 12 hours in Terminal 2

17 -18 Jan 2023 – the 12 hours spent in Terminal 2 Mumbai – will remain etched in my memory. 28 ABGites were set to fly to Colombo for annual Planning and Budgeting meeting. Weeks of thinking, brainstorming, and planning were about to culminate into even richer conversations and final plans for FY’24. The excitement … Continue reading The 12 hours in Terminal 2

The HOW and WHEN of Psychological Safety

Psychological safety in organizations is an oft discussed subject today. A key element of psychological safety is the ability to freely share a contrarian thought or idea; disagree with our co-workers, manager, or seniors. To build a psychologically safe workplace, we expect our co-workers and seniors to be open, not wedded to their ideas and … Continue reading The HOW and WHEN of Psychological Safety

Learning or Performing Mode

“Are you in learning mode or performing mode?” I recollect our master facilitator call out every time we began a practice session. We had to say aloud, “I am in learning mode” Initially, I wondered about the difference it would make. Gradually, it became obvious; while in learning mode, we were willing to experiment and … Continue reading Learning or Performing Mode

Reinventing our Careers

Few centuries back, careers used to run in families. A famer’s child would mostly take up farming, an artisan’s children would take up the profession, so would an apothecary’s progeny. This changed with access to higher education, industrialisation, and faster, easier modes of travel. People started going into professions different from that of their parents. … Continue reading Reinventing our Careers

Forest bathing – the elixir to wellbeing

Last week I was in Bandhavgarh National Forest Reserve.. seeking few days of tranquillity and indulging in forest bathing - the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku or taking in the forest atmosphere… the elixir for psychological and physiological well-being. Fortunately, my cellphone was useless without signal or internet connection…it gave space for nature to enter through … Continue reading Forest bathing – the elixir to wellbeing