Relationships and their Ecosystem

Ecosystem for relationship is like soil for a plant. It can nourish the plant with its rich nutrients or kill it with its toxic contents. Similarly, the ecosystem can enable a relationship to deepen or turn it superficial or toxic. Last couple of weeks I was lucky to have met several old friends, ex-colleagues and […]

Mumbai Sojourn

Couple of things have triggered me to write this blog. In few weeks I would complete two years of living in Mumbai, away from my family. More importantly, I experienced the  real rainy day of Mumbai on 29 August (300 mm rain in few hours). It is almost akin to rites of passage, a test […]

A chance encounter

Last Friday when I headed for Mumbai airport, like all other Fridays over last two years, litte did I know that I am about to step into one of the most valuable hours of my life.  I had a heavy lunch, so instead of going to the food court, I headed to the Jet Airways […]

Dear life

Oh dear life, you are so full of surprises! Just as I imagine things are in control, you spring a challenge, throwing everything upside down, Just as I feel the looming dark clouds unbearable, you wave a magical wand opening vistas to a clear blue sky. When my heart is brimming with joy, a tear […]