How we approach our work: Task or Impact

How we think of our work influences how we approach it. Do we think of it as a ‘task’ or as ‘impact’?

Any task will create an impact. So, does it really matter as to how we view it? It does, let’s see how….

Task is specific, its finite and neatly fits into our weekly or daily To Do List. And it seems manageable, easy to get done, not to mention the healthy dose of dopamine that we get while ticking it off end of day or week!

So, where’s the challenge?

When we look at our work as ‘task’ – we run the risk of running like a horse with blinkers. It limits our ability to think of possibilities, look at big picture and see the interconnections.

Worse still, when someone points out the misses, we tend to get defensive…

In contrast, when we look at something as impact, it broadens our perspectives. It helps Big Picture thinking – looking at opportunities, possibilities, challenges and the consequences. Hence, the actions I need to take..

Any task can be converted into impact or vice versa? Choice is ours…

Time to pause and reflect on our preference and think of the shift to make.

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