Small, yet not so small……

Oh how I miss….

“Chatting with colleagues over a cup of coffee”

“Stepping out of office for a quick walk after lunch”

“Bumping into a colleague near coffee machine, catching up on what he /she is doing”

“Admiring a colleague’s new jacket or her comfortable and stylish shoes”

“Getting ready for work, walking into office smartly dressed, showing off the accessories… taking few selfies if in mood”

“Sharing lunch, tagging along with folks whose dabbas (lunchbox) you know will have interesting food”

“The commute to office, Oh yes yes…. miss the traffic jams too – time to listen to favourite numbers, or simply a me-time to unwind before reaching home”

“Catching up with friends over a cosy dinner or a fun drink”

“Window shopping who says shopping is fun only if you buy” “Or companion shopping (when you accompany your friend for shopping and end up buying more than them…)”

Interestingly, what I miss today are these teeny weeny things that I took for granted even two months back. Today, these seem so distant, impossible and unachievable…

Couple of things the pandemic has taught me:

  • Don’t take anything for granted, irrespective of how small it is…
  • Cherish every moment, smaller the better
  • Enjoy the present, who knows I might miss some parts of this life (working in pyjamas, with our cute beagle at feet)

Till life comes back to normal (or new normal)…. Let’s live these moments and make them perfect.. for ourselves and others around us.. who are less fortunate (and missing two square meals)

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