Seek your inputs on ‘how to re-wire women and retain in workforce’

Thanks to my colleagues & friends who shared their thoughts on my last post Is quitting an easier option for women, I feel encouraged to launch this online qualitative study.

Women do not vanish from workforce suddenly. They slowly trickle out, drop by drop, across management levels (including senior). Worldwide, organizations are focusing on enhancing gender diversity. While few may be doing lip service, most are serious. Yet the leakage continues.

Family reasons (child or elderly care, family movement) are only a part of the challenge, there are several other reasons. Even as organizations are introducing programs to build inclusive culture and providing career enablers, it’s important for women to re-wire!

Request you to reflect on two questions and share your thoughts:

1. What mind-set shift is required in women such that quitting workforce is the very last option?

2. How can this shift be induced? What changes need to be brought in society, workplace and home front?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, who knows where this small conversation may lead to.

P.S – This qualitative study is my personal endeavour driven by my conviction, it is not associated with any organization.

2 thoughts on “Seek your inputs on ‘how to re-wire women and retain in workforce’

  1. Hi Padmadi,
    you r writing on a topic which is so close to my heart .
    One thing which I noticed in EPC companies in engg or projects, women are not included in prestigious projects or the special projects .Later this becomes one of the reasons not to promote them to senior management level.diversity and inclusivity in most of the core engg companies is a lip service.if women do not get adequate exposure how can they go to higher level.

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