Does my manager care for my well-being?

18162053-environmental-idea-vector“My manager cares for my well-being” – An oft asked question in employee engagement or manager effectiveness surveys.

“What does an employee think of when responding to this question?” asked my troubled friend. His organization had conducted manager effectiveness survey; he had received his manager score card couple of days back. While he scored reasonably well in other areas, his score in this question was particularly low. He  genuinely cared for his employees and was unable to reconcile to the low score.

The score clearly indicated a a gap between his intention and behaviors (at least as perceived by his employees)

So, what does an employee expect? What actions, if taken by a manager, would prompt an affirmative response to this question?

If I reflect, as an employee, I would consider following aspects while responding.

Does my manager:

  1. Take time to know me as a person – my likes, dislikes, preferences, anxieties?
  2. Care for me holistically – professional as well as personal?
    • Support my holistic development, not just for this role
    • Support me to overcome my weakness
    • Alert me to possible storms, help me steer the ship well before it hits the iceberg
  3. Stand for me in public, no matter what? Does not push me under the bus
  4. Make me feel valued – thanks and appreciates my work?
  5. Create positive energy by doing small things like wishing a cheerful good morning

It’s a short question, but it encompasses several managerial aspects. It also demands consistent behavior.

What more or different would you like to see in your manager, to affirm that he or she cares for your well-being?  Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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