Dear life

Oh dear life, you are so full of surprises!
Just as I imagine things are in control, you spring a challenge, throwing everything upside down,
Just as I feel the looming dark clouds unbearable, you wave a magical wand opening vistas to a clear blue sky.
When my heart is brimming with joy, a tear trickles down,
The tear of happiness!
Through this one tear, dear life, you make me realize the thin line you have drawn between ups and downs, joys and sorrows, success and failures.
When going is tough, you gently nudge me, to go on and open the next chapter you have written for me…. a chapter full of blessings
Oh dear life, you are so full of paradoxes!
Bless me with courage to stay positive in difficult times and stay grounded in happier ones.
Oh dear life, grant me the resolve to live every moment you bring along and love you the way you are!!

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