Moonlight! – Precious moments captured from Mumbai nights

Deep in the night I woke up to a bright light shining on my face;
My sleepy brain questioned, Oh! What’s the light, where’s it coming from?
My eyes opened to a surreal vision! Can it be true?
A beautiful full moon shining in the sky, smiling at me, smiling at the world!
Spreading peace and happiness; Oh What a sight!
Under the moon rays, the blue of the sea had turned silver
The ships in a distance basked in its love,
Nothing remained untouched, the tough city transformed into a magical world, all quiet, engulfed by silvery brightness
Mesmerized I immersed myself in the rare beauty, and soaked in the moments of ultimate peace and bliss.
Reluctantly I allowed myself to drift back to sleep with a lingering question, will I ever experience this beauty again? One more time!

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