Go beyond the obvious

Early morning scene at airport security check: “I travel every week; no one has ever stopped me”; screams the agitated passenger. “I have been working for years, I know my job”; says the CISF person sternly. Argument continues! The passenger gets angrier with every passing second; he refuses to budge. This goes on, much to […]

No-no words in workplace: Superior-subordinate

The other day, I heard someone say, “I will check with my superior and let you know”. By superior, he meant boss. At times, team members are referred to as “subordinate” Aren’t these words – superior and subordinate – undermining equality; laced with assumption that manager is inherently better than the employee. Does being higher […]

Does my manager care for my well-being?

“My manager cares for my well-being” – An oft asked question in employee engagement or manager effectiveness surveys. “What does an employee think of when responding to this question?” asked my troubled friend. His organization had conducted manager effectiveness survey; he had received his manager score card couple of days back. While he scored reasonably well […]