Enable Employees Learn to Learn

Couple of days back, I overheard a conversation between an HR partner and an employee, “You have been nominated for this program, its next month, please attend.” When the employee regretted, HR persuaded, “Hey, you should feel privileged, its only by invitation and you have been handpicked by your leader.” The employee’s response is anybody’s […]

When Everything is a Priority

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters” Margaret Peters It feels great returning to social media after 3 weeks of forced hiatus. I was so occupied with other things that social media and blogging became a distant dream. During these 3 week, I often wished for few more hours to fill […]

A chance encounter

Last Friday when I headed for Mumbai airport, like all other Fridays over last two years, litte did I know that I am about to step into one of the most valuable hours of my life.  I had a heavy lunch, so instead of going to the food court, I headed to the Jet Airways […]

Performing when stuck with a bad boss

At some point of time in our career, we end up working for someone with whom we are unable to strike a rapport or see eye to eye. Changing the job or role is an option, but may not always be easy. This would be impractical; especially if you like your work and the organization. […]