Making constructive feedback enjoyable 

Sharing constructive feedback is not something many people look forward to. What makes this conversation especially difficult is the difference in perspective: the person giving the feedback is likely to have a very different perspective from the person receiving it. It is hard for either member to know other’s perspective, and even harder to appreciate and acknowledge it. Four steps that can make this conversation inspiring 1. Start with intent 2. Understand the current reality faced by the receiver, share your feedback 3. Agree on common outcomes. 4. Explore options

Afraid of being a narcissist? Temper it with humility.

Being labeled a narcissist would rarely be considered a compliment. Narcissism is an inflated sense of self, extreme self-focus and self-importance. The word originates from Greek mythology where a young Narcissus fell in love with his own image. Think of a leader with high sense of entitlement, constantly craving for admiration, considering himself the best … Continue reading Afraid of being a narcissist? Temper it with humility.