Celebrate Women, but not just on 8th March

International Women’s Day is being celebrated across India, especially in corporate world. Even in our condominium a program has been organized tomorrow to celebrate Women’s Day. Women are being recognized for their courage, achievements, sacrifice etc. My phone would probably stay busy tomorrow, with calls and messages wishing me a Happy Women’s Day. I don’t […]

Engage in difficult conversations; ones that are needed and matter the most

We often come across situations that we find challenging to engage in. Consider few scenarios: Scenario 1. A senior executive is behaving in a dysfunctional way; his behavior is negatively impacting several people. But the business head procrastinates having the difficult conversation with him. Scenario 2. A business leader strongly feels that a delivery head […]

What stops us from appreciating others?

I was making my son’s bed this morning. His room is a poster picture of a teenager’s room; mostly unkempt and messy. I have been struggling to get him to bring some order to his room for couple of years now. I cannot boast much success in this aspect. However, over the last week or […]

The Encounter

It has been raining heavily in Hyderabad over the last few weeks. I have never experienced such rains here, at least not for last seven years that I have made it my home. The plot came to me as I sat this evening with the rain pounding on my window. Rohan was a passionate traveler. […]