The Onerous Road to Collaboration

We continuously compete and collaborate with the same people. At work, we collaborate with people to successfully complete projects, yet compete with them for recognition, critical projects, raises and promotions.

While individual skills matter, Team Culture plays a big role in facilitating the transition, key elements are common goals, eliminating job hierarchy and recognising contribution to common goals.

It’s time for leaders to reflect, which actions of mine are nudging the team to lean towards collaboration and which are pushing them towards competition? What should we stop doing? Or continue? Or start?

Fear of Missing Out

You can opt out of a meeting, your presence is not essential, yet you join You take a day off to de-stress… but, you keep thinking about meetings you are missing.. worse still, join few meetings. You are already behind schedule on most of your deliverables, yet when a new project comes up, you raise […]

Leadership Paradoxes

To take lead – and to recede into the background To plan meticulously – and to be flexible with your planning To express opinion – and to be create space for other opinions To be visionary – and to be pragmatic To aim at consensus – and to be able to cut through To trust […]

Seek your inputs on ‘how to re-wire women and retain in workforce’

Thanks to my colleagues & friends who shared their thoughts on my last post Is quitting an easier option for women, I feel encouraged to launch this online qualitative study. Women do not vanish from workforce suddenly. They slowly trickle out, drop by drop, across management levels (including senior). Worldwide, organizations are focusing on enhancing […]

Does my manager care for my well-being?

“My manager cares for my well-being” – An oft asked question in employee engagement or manager effectiveness surveys. “What does an employee think of when responding to this question?” asked my troubled friend. His organization had conducted manager effectiveness survey; he had received his manager score card couple of days back. While he scored reasonably well […]

The X Factor in Corporate online social networking

Cooked a new dish at home or dining at a restaurant? Meeting friends or having a get-together?   Travelling for work or pleasure?  Received an appreciation or won an award?   Feeling excited, happy, sad or depressed?  Have spoken in a conference or published paper somewhere?  These experiences (and many more) seem incomplete without posting on […]

Dear life

Oh dear life, you are so full of surprises! Just as I imagine things are in control, you spring a challenge, throwing everything upside down, Just as I feel the looming dark clouds unbearable, you wave a magical wand opening vistas to a clear blue sky. When my heart is brimming with joy, a tear […]

Afraid of being a narcissist? Temper it with humility.

Being labeled a narcissist would rarely be considered a compliment. Narcissism is an inflated sense of self, extreme self-focus and self-importance. The word originates from Greek mythology where a young Narcissus fell in love with his own image. Think of a leader with high sense of entitlement, constantly craving for admiration, considering himself the best […]