Employee engagement is not enough

Organizations constantly strive to enhance employee engagement. What does an engaged employee look like? Let’s consider the example of Cyrus, an employee working with an organization for a decade. He is loyal, speaks highly about the company, is committed, comes to work every day, does not complain, works hard and puts in efforts to do […]

Competency framework – are we using it blindly?

Several organizations use competency framework as an anchor for hiring, managing performance, developing and managing talent. Are we using it blindly? Indeed it’s a million dollar question, and by asking this, I am probably stirring up a hornets’ nest. Before going any further, let me acknowledge that I am not against competency framework. I have […]

Who is making your boss powerful?

Probably you! Can’t believe? Let’s see why and how? Let’s begin by defining power. Power is the ability of a person to influence others to do certain things, willingly or unwillingly. We often hear comments like, “Such and such person is a powerful man or a powerful woman.” Is power a personal attribute? Are there […]

Understanding likeability at work

‘People need people’ albeit to varying degrees. We have an innate need to form relationships. We want to be liked by others which in turn would help us form relationships, strengthen and sustain them. This need is a double-edged sword: if not channeled well, it has the potential to become a derailer, specifically at workplace. […]

Steer your employees away from search firms

These months are probably the most dreaded period in corporate world – by managers and employees alike, albeit due to different reasons. Performance appraisals, ratings, normalization and the resulting increment and bonus are top of the mind issues. Some organizations also link this to promotion, which adds fuel to an already blazing fire! Several organizations […]