Cultivate Naysayers

What emotions do naysayers stir in us?

Irritation? Frustration? Anger?


Joy? Relief?

Imagine that you along with few members have worked on a solution for days or maybe weeks. You are excited and want to take inputs from larger team.  What will be the natural tendency? 

To discuss it with folks who are likely to be aligned.

Or take it to naysayers and discuss threadbare?

Agreed, naysayers seem to bring out the worst in us. Yet, they are the ones who will nudge us from falling into Group Think –  a phenomenon when a group of well-intentioned people makes non-optimal decisions spurred by the urge to conform or the belief that dissent is impossible.

Naysayers will mostly disagree with us, challenge us, find faults with our solution, and point out what will not work.  They may tell us something that we never considered or never knew existed. 

Think of a time when you had an honest conversation like this? How did it help?

  • Look at other possibilities?
  • Refine the solutions?
  • Make them robust?

More importantly, how did you get over the initial frustration….

Instead of running away from naysayers, the challenge for us is to cultivate enough naysayers in our network?

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